Collection: Concrete Forms

Concrete Forms: A Comprehensive Overview

Concrete forms are indispensable tools in construction, facilitating the creation of concrete structures by shaping and containing the material until it sets. These forms come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate projects ranging from residential developments to large-scale infrastructure ventures. Within the realm of concrete forms, you'll encounter versatile options such as panel forms, slip forms, and pre-assembled forms, each serving specific purposes tailored to the demands of the project at hand.

Exploring the Diversity of Concrete Forms

Panel Forms

Panel forms are popular choices for residential and light commercial projects, offering flexibility and ease of assembly. Made from sturdy materials like wood, steel, or aluminum, these forms can be quickly configured to create walls, columns, and other concrete elements with precision and efficiency.

Slip Forms

Ideal for projects requiring continuous pours and uniformity, slip forms enable seamless construction of structures such as silos, towers, and curbs. These forms move gradually along the length of the structure, shaping the concrete as it sets, resulting in smooth finishes and consistent dimensions.

Pre-assembled Forms

Pre-assembled forms, also known as modular forms, streamline the construction process by arriving on-site ready for installation. These forms are meticulously engineered off-site to exact specifications, ensuring quick and hassle-free assembly, making them ideal for projects with tight timelines or complex geometries.

Discover Your Ideal Concrete Form

At BIC Auctions, we offer an extensive selection of both quality used concrete forms from trusted manufacturers such as Western, Wall-Ties, Symons, Doka, B.E.P. and more. Whether you're embarking on a residential renovation or tackling a large-scale construction project, we have the perfect concrete form to meet your needs.